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Today I saw - Lines of Wellington

So yeah I saw this movie at the theatre just today and it was kinda random. Not bad but you know, you kinda jump from a random sergeant who thinks Frenchs are jews to Wellington having himself painted to that woman who’s flirting with everyone and apparently slept with her bro to that old woman who get raped at the end and lose it and then to that guys who search his wife and reads books out loud to that father and sick kid except the father guys says he’s not his father so I don’t even know, to the guy who continue talking even though there’s no one at his table anymore to those random christian guys who go around with their Virgin Mary statue to killing a suffering donkey to… Well you know. I kinda liked it I guess XD

I mean convolutions and Oh-god-which-guy-is-that-they’re-all-dark-haired apart, it’s rather interesting to have a war movie which focuses more about what’s happening around the army and stuff. Also the crazy clergyman’s awesome helmet was worth anything else.